Some people say swindles customers?

Sharesneaker has known you for more than one year. Over the past year, the customer service and product quality of sharesneaker are also obvious to all. We constantly improve our pre-sales service and after-sales service, just so that more brothers and sisters can enjoy high-quality imitation shoes and comfortable customer service.

But people have been asking us about our relationship with Here, we want to clarify that we have no relationship with We didn't know before we made the imitation shoes website, but recently, a customer told us that has been slandering us, saying that we imitate their website and that we are a fake shoe website that deceives customers.

Originally, we didn't want to pay attention, but constantly tells others that we are a fake and fraudulent website, and we decide not to sit idly by. We have collected some evidence to prove to you that we are a legitimate imitation shoe website, and is actually a fake sneaker that has been cheating you.

The following is the legal proof of our website:

We are the trusted sellers of r/sneakerreps in reddit community. You can check the posts about our website in reddit community.

Here's what I found about

blacklisted-sellers - Repsneakers ( was banned by reddit's largest replica sports community, repsneakers.
If he is a legitimate replica sneaker seller, why is he banned by the repsneakers community?
If he really marks himself as a legal and high-quality replica, why does the sneaker seller not have any trust endorsement?
If the brand of is as excellent as he said, why is it banned?

We have always believed that peers should help each other rather than slander, but our tolerance is not a concession, but a further insult. That's why we respond and fight back.
We hope sharesneakers Com can do a good job of its own brand instead of wasting time on slandering peers and cheating customers.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. I hope this article can help you.

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